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The 74th United Nations general assembly that opened its doors in its Head Quarters in New York USA yesterday 24th September 2019 notice the absence of some African Heads of States. The 143 world leaders gathered in this year’s sittings to seek solutions to pertinent issues plaguing the globe, in the likes of the Middle East crisis with the attacks on the two major oil facilities of Saudi Arabia, the crisis in Yemen. Another point that will catch great attention among the leaders is the economic war between the world’s giants, the United States and China. Not waving aside the rapid deteriorating global climatic condition that hangs above humanity’s head like a guillotine blade.

It is important not to forget that Cameroon now has one of the worse crisis in Africa (Anglophone Crisis) that will be one of the pertinent discussion topics on the table in New York. On Monday September 23rd, Anotonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General and Cameroon’s Minister of Foreign Affair (Paul Biya’s representative) Lejeun Mbella Mbella had a tete-a-tete on the topic.  As for more that 3years running, no solution to the turmoil is pointing in the horizon. Ebola in DR Congo, Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Sahel, and the security crisis in the Central African Republic are of great concern to the United Nations in Africa.

Though many pertinent issues where going to be tabled at this general assembly, some African leaders could not still make it, owing to the importance of the domestic issues they have at hand. President Paul Biya of Cameroon is being represented by Lejeun Mbella Bmella his minister of foreign affairs. Following in the absentees list is Ali Bongo whose health situation is still making headline news in Gabon. Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa announced earlier that he would rather concentrate on his domestic affairs than travel to New York. South Africa is still battling with xenophobic attacks that breakout a couple of weeks ago. Not forgetting a nationwide protest against gender based violence.    

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