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The Minister of housing and urban development Celectine Ketcha Courtes was in Garoua today for the second day of her 4 days visit, going from the 16th to the 19th of August 2020 that is supposed to take her through the three regions of the north of Cameroon. The visit of the minister is aimed at trying to see for herself the level at wish the work on the building of social housing infrastructure in this part of the country has gone.

Her work program yesterday was in Ngaoundere, and today she is in Garoua, since couple with the housing program she has to see how far the construction of the infrastructures to host the African Coup of Nation 2022 has gone.  In all satisfaction with the level of the work done, the member of President Paul Biya’s government handed keys of 100 completed social houses to the regional authorities (Regional Governor, District Officer and the Mayor) who were with here on the ground. “I am marveled to the level of work I see today as compared to what I saw when the coronavirus just started. Today we have social houses that moves forward the modernization planed as has been desired by the president of the Republic. As such am happy at what I am seeing, and happy to know that the works will be completed by December ending” The minister said. On his part, the city mayor of Garoua said that the population of the town give all gratitude to the Head of State for the fact that he has help the town of Garoua to have a complete new face lift.  Not left aside, the population of the area is out with banners showing gratitude to the President.

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