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NGARBU MASACRE: The culprits are known.
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President Paul Biya has order sanctions against all those who were involved in the massacre that took place in Ngarbuh, Ndonga Mantung division, North West Region in the night of 13th to 14th of February 2020.  The presidency published a communique Tuesday that the Head of state ordered for a commission of inquiry on the 17th of April after the Ngarbuh incident that claimed 13 lives involving mostly women and children. The 21st April communiqué condemned the Ngarbuh Masacre and directly pointed out the responsibility of the national army.

It should be reminded that a commission set up by the Head of state after the incident (17th Mach 2020) presided by Dr Chemuta Divine Banda, National President of United Nations Human Rights included George Nkuo, bishop of the Kumbo Dioces Ahmadou Baba Sale Imam of the Ntumbaw central Mosque, Mme Mih Bibiana eps Dighambong CEO of the NGO Bihdulem Humanitarian Association of Peace and hope, Chenwi Chrysantus Shu, Regional Secretary of National Human Rights Commission NW Rregion.  In consideration to the commission’s report, the sanction against the culprit was taken.

The presidential communique ordered the arrest and prosecution of Nyangono Ze Charles Eric, commander of the 52nd Division of the Motorized Military Infantry (BIM), Sargent Baba Guida, Gendarme Sanding Sanding Cyrille, 1st class soldier Haranga, all four involved in the Ngarbuh killings and 10 members of the vigilante involved in the massacre, 7 of whom are in custody already with the uniform men while 3 are on the run. Government promises to exhume the bodies of the victims and give them a proper burial, compensate the families of the deceased and build a military camp in the village to protect the area and prevent such happenings in the future.

The incident sparked a lot of controversy especially when Ilaria Alegrosi, researcher for international NGO, Human Rights Watch, Barrister Abgor Balla and Maximilienne Ngo Mbe, all human right activists insisted that the civilians where kill by the military. They were publicly accused of conniving with external forces to destabilize the country. Today a lot of Cameroonian voices are heard demanding for the resignation of Communication minister and government spokesman Mr Rene Emmanuel Sadi, together with his colleague of the territorial administration Paul Atanga Nji for having denied the military’s involvement in the incident at the time. Report says inhabitants of the North West region say that there are a lot of case like the Ngarbuh incident in the two regions that needs to be brought to light.

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