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President Paul Biya’s end of year speech to the Cameroonians has not stopped sending a wave of reactions since it was pronounce December 31st 2019 at 8pm. The head of state talked of the security of the country, he talked of the economy, he talked of the upcoming elections in 2020 and he advised Cameroonians on how to behave after elections reports are published.

President Paul Biya in his 37th end of year speech to his compatriots presiced that opportunities have been given to Cameroonians who took guns against the state to drop their arms and join normal life. To those who will do so, the door is open for them but to those who will decide to stay in the bush, will face the forces of the nation. The war has been on for more than 3 years now, hopes where that the president was going to come up with a new strategy for peace to show up especially that the country needs the peace for the up coming elections.

To many observers it was shocking to hear the president say the economy was doing well and that there was a possibility to have a 4% growth rate in 2020. When unemployment and under employment is so rampant, when the majority of his compatriots hardly have three square meals a day. When the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) which is the second employer after the state is on a halt, when the banana production is almost at a halt too with a drastic drop in its production loosing 32 billion francs in 2019 due to the Anglophone crisis and the lone refinery of the country had part of its infrastructure burnt buy an explosion may 2019. All this issuer seriously negatively affecting the economy. That is why economic expert Martin Ongba Zing thinks that the way is still very long to reach the level of economy that the head of state is talking about. He thinks that the growth rate of Cameroon is too weak since Cameroon is essentially an agricultural country, and with the Anglophone crisis agriculture is deeply affected hence the economy too.

In reaction to the President’s peach, His Rural Highness the chief of Bamenju, the very outspoken Majesty Sokounjou II Jean Rameau said he dreams of a Cameroon where some will not eat and wipe their hands on the heads of other, a Cameroon where they do not need to dig from the bottom to feel the hill, a Cameroon where some privileged ones will not continue to feed their dog for 300 thousand francs a day, when the poor citizens are dying of hunger and are unable to treat themselves.

On the upcoming twin elections, the president precised that the elections will hold. Then a lot of people wandered how elections will hold in a war zone where nobody is able to go. He advised Cameroonians to respect the results of elections when published by the organ in charge.

To the oppositions like the Social Democratic Front (SDF) chairman John Fru Ndi, the president’s speech did not read the expectations of Cameroonians why to the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) militants Minister Grgroire Owona, it was the right speech at the right time at very important time in the life of the nation.  

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