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RWANDA: Kagame deports 18 Chinese.

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President Paul Kagame of Rwanada deported 18 Chinese and never to come back to his country for disrespecting Rwandese in their country.  “You can’t eat from Africa and disrespect us” President Kagame lamented. The Chinese men were reported to have been mistreating their Rwandese workers and grabbing their farmlands from them. When the news got to the president’s ear, he wasted no time to make his decision.

The President said the Chinese men have violated the fundamental Rwandan law which inclide taking advantage of the country’s citizens by making them work abnormal hours like slaves. “African is apeace continent, we don’t tolerate discrimination here, or are we welcome to be slaves again. This country is for Africans and those who mean well for us are always welcome. I am deporting those 18 Chinese back to their country and never to return back! Rwandese must enjoy their rights in their country!” the President hammered.

Mr Kagame underlined that no one will be allowed to feed on africa’s soil and be allowed to disrespect the African people. “Let this be a lesson to all other people who want to live and work with us! Respect us and we will welcome you with our good hearts!” He stressed.

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