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After the xenophobic attacks on foreigners living in South Africa by the citizens of the country causing five death and many injured, Cyril Ramaphosa, the country’s president has come out to condemn the act with vehemence. Talking to the press the state’s man said such behaviors should stop. The vibrant opposition party leader Julius Malema also condemned the attacks in a meeting saying “from Cape town to Cairo, from Morocco to Madagascar, African unity is essential” . “These borders here were not made by Africans, they were made by the colonial masters when they were sharing Africa among themselves”  “the whole of Africa was there for us when we were in difficult times” “African unity is what will make us to be proud. Stop the self-hate”.  Malema emphasized.

Out of South African borders, other head of states have expressed their disapproval of the repeated xenophobic act on foreign citizens living in Madiba’s country. Flanked by the Nigerian head of state President Muhamadu Buhari, the Ghanaian President JohnDramani Mahama said, “I think that the young people in South Africa do not know what happened before they gain their freedom. The whole of Africa stood behind South Africa to fight against apartheid” “it is regrettable that the same people who fought against apartheid are being attacked today”. At the same time the South African ambassador in Nigeria Bobby Moroe, was given a convocation by the Nigerian minister of Foreign Affairs Geofrey Onyeama, to present to him some decisive measures that Abuja intends to take concerning the repeated attacks on its citizens residing in South Africa.

As the Nigerian student association president Danielson Bamidele Akpan issued a 7 days ultimatum to South African leaving in Nigeria to quite Nigeria with all their businesses. Saying “Nigerian students are not joking about it”. (It should be noted that Nigeria is a fertile ground for about 120 South African companies including telecommunication giant MTN), there were reports that businesses belonging to South African in Lagos and Abuja were being vandalized already. Lootings in Shoprite, MTN, DST just to name a few. Reports also came that more destructions were seen on properties belonging to South Africa in Congo, Zambia and other African Countries could follow .  

It was about the fourth attacks on foreigners going about their activities in this country. Xenophobic attacks took a rise in the country between2000 and 2008 counting 67 dead, then in May 2008 with 62 people dead and in 2015 there was a wave of attacks as South Africans view immigrants as a burden to their society, they accuse immigrants of taking their jobs from them. This one now in 2019 seems to be disturbing to many other African countries. It is about time something gets done. The days ahead are pregnant as the diplomatic dance floor is open.

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